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An Interview with Diamanda Galas

April 8, 2004

By Khatchig Mouradian


8th of April, 2004


Belgian writer Henri Michaux, Romanian-Jewish poet Paul Celan, Italian

filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini, French symbolist Gérard Nerval, Peruvian poet

Cesar Vallejo, Armenian poet Siamanto, Syrian poet Adonis, Assyrian poet Dr

Freidoun Bet-Oraham, and Diamanda Galas’ 4-octave weapon of a voice come

together in `Defixiones, Will And Testament’ (Defixiones refers to the words

engraved on the graves of the dead warning against desecrating the corpse) ,

a double album  ( `investigating the Armenian, Assyrian and

Greek genocides carried out by Turkey between 1914 and 1923′, and raging

against the continued Turkish denial of these atrocities. Read the rest of this entry ?